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Moonlit Press was founded by a writer and editor with a deep love of the written word, and respect for writers. She founded Moonlit Press to help writers write and get published. We believe in storytellers. We believe in dreamers. We relish the opportunity to help you see your dream in print. [Read More]

Our Services

Marketing Program

Moonlit Press’s Marketing Program is separate – and requires a separate contract. Many authors are excited about getting out there ...

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Ghostwriting Services

This Moonlit Press service flips the conventional publisher/writer relationship on its head. Here, we write and you edit. Send us ...

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Proofreading and Editorial Services

Nobody can edit their own writing. It’s an unfortunate, but irrefutable fact of life. We speak from experience. We all think ...

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Heirloom Gifts

Print-on-demand has opened vast and wonderful new horizons to the printed word. One of the most enchanting gifts I ever received ...

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Art & Design

People judge books by their covers. We all know we shouldn’t but we all do. Moonlit Press offers full service art ...

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Moonlit Press is so very pleased you are considering entrusting your book to us for publication!

Large and complicated as the world of publishing and book sales is, we would like you to understand our business model as we consider entering into a contractual business relationship with each other.

Moonlit Press is a job shop situated somewhere in the middle of the spectrum spanning self-publishing services and traditional publishing companies. On the one end of this spectrum stand large traditional publishing companies (too big) which would essentially appropriate your book and the vast majority of its royalties. On the other end of this spectrum (too small) is going it completely alone in the shark-infested waters of self-publishing.

With a traditional publisher authors have little control over their work and realize minimal benefit from it. While wholly self-published authors retain complete control of their work, going it alone in the self-publishing world can be a daunting experience through which even the best manuscript can end up an inferior quality book; one that can easily get lost in the clamor.

Moonlit Press exists to help you and your work through the maze of self-publishing.

We ask a reasonable fee up front for our services, and will retain a small portion of your royalties for the duration of the first edition. When we agree to work together to get your book published, we enter into a business partnership, of sorts, that will not rest, on Moonlit Press’s part, until your manuscript is published in a beautifully designed format, with an appealing, custom designed cover and, if you choose that additional option, actively marketed.*

For our part, when we sign a contract with you for publication of your work, we agree to work your manuscript in a timely fashion. You need to know that there can be multiple delays from any number of directions. You are responsible for submitting clean, workable digital copy to us, along with a copy on paper of your complete manuscript. We cannot begin work until we receive both. You are also responsible for responding to our requests for rewrites and approval of proofs in a timely fashion. We will expect you to provide us several copies (5 or so) of your book when publication is finalized for promotional and review purposes.

*Please be aware that publishing and marketing are two separate aspects of Moonlit Press. The marketing agreement involves a separate contractual arrangement and different (greater) percentage of royalties.